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  • Midt i Trondheims gater, fire etasjer over bakken- der sitter jeg, med pcen i fanget, pepsi max p nattbordet og magen full av Cheez doodles. Det er her jeg sover, spiser og dusjer, lever, syr og tenker. Det er rart tenke p at jeg bare har bodd her i en mned og seks dager, det kjennes ut som om jeg har vrt her s mye lengre, og det er en god flelse. Skole har jeg skt, dette ret i god tid, og ikke i siste liten slik det har pleid vre. Skte Vg3 Kjole og drakt syer i Bergen, og to forskjellige opplring i bedrift retninger i Oslo, s jeg blir nok ikke her i Trondheim til hsten(desverre? idk).

    Night | via Facebook

    Jeg har begynt spille.. heehh, s n spiller jeg league of legends og har et underliggende hp om bli en av Norges beste lol-spillere, selv om det kanskje ikke er s realistisk, eller en plan jeg br satse p. S jeg gjr det bare for morro, og dt er det.

    Hr p disse, imens jeg ligger her lengter etter min fine frken.

    Long time no see

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  • (stray dogg - time)

    By now most of the leafs have left their home,- and are flying around, propped by the wind, they are rolling on the ground and it looks like they are having fun. When I see the leafs- I see souls, I may sound crazy but it is the truth,- my truth. I can see souls being born and rolling happily away with the gusts. Today I have been sitting home, looking out the window and thinking about life,- with a big sweater, the rug tucked around my body and messy hair. I have also seen the first episode of American Horror Story season 4 - Freakshow, and I wish it was less than a week between the new episodes.
    Life is slow at times, but I'm soon gonna make it go by faster without destroying myself.

    This picture is from my instagram,- a misty morning on a hangover day.



    #AHS #americanhorrorstory #freakshow #straydogg #time #Ila #mistymorning

    let it rain

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  • (The dark side of the moon - pink floyd. full albun 2011 remaster 5.1)

    Autumn is slightly crawling its way into my mind, and that is okay. I have always loved this part of the year, when I need to wear boots, tights and big sweaters which my grandma have knitted. Where it's okay to go in maxi skirts, big black hats and sunglasses, thick cardigans and burgundy colored nails. This is, at the moment, the time where I'm singing when I go of the bus, late at night on my way home.. to my friends or my self. Looking at all the colors, when you move your sight from your cell phone screen and up to the mountains. It's beautiful, it's changing and it's relaxing.

    vintage (I lend the picture from >this site<)

    Q: What do you think around this time of the year?



    #autumn #changing #colors #relaxing #sunglasses #fall

    Halloween countdown

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  • I'm counting down to halloween, day by day.. And It is 45 days until the magical day- where kids dress up and yells shit about candy, walking from door to door. - where young adults dress up like pimps and slutty hookers, drinks to much alkohol and laugh of that fella who just fell down from the chair. - What adults are doing -- I do not have an answer, cause I have not been adult so i don't have an inside story from that world.. But in twenty years I sure got an answer!

    Lately I have been thinking "It would be cool to dress up like a Disney Villain!", and I am still into that thought. SO here are you got some makeup inspiration I foundhere.

    Venomous Villains MAC CosmeticsVenomous Villains MAC CosmeticsVenomous Villains MAC CosmeticsVenomous Villains MAC Cosmetics

    Q: What are you planning to do this halloween?



    #halloween #disney #villains #countdown #makeup

    American Horror Story-Azylum inspired

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  • (American Horror Story: Coven Soundtrack | House of the Rising Sun)

    For those who don't have seen the terrifying and super awesome serie American Horror Story, DO IT! I got my hand over my heart and says 'i love the serie, and will always do'. And last friday I got an manic urge to draw, so I found an all-white t-shirt from H&M and started to draw with an black posca marker. I think I sat in two-three hours in a row, and draw, and draw.. and draw. I also got to figure out how difficult it was to draw on that kind of t-shirt(flexi-cotton ish), but I made it, and I am so incredibly satisfied with the result.

    Q: What do you think of my t-shirt?



    #ahs #americanhorrorstory #tshirt #nun #creepy #manic #azylum

    Lush haul

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  • (Ed sheeran - I see fire Kygo remix)

    The only store you can smell from two blocks away, with sparkling and colorful fresh handmade cosmetics. You guessed right, Lush, what else. Sooo I took a littel bustrip to the city earlier this week, and of course I had to visit my favorite shop of all time. Like I could move in under one of their tables or behind the curtain to their 'secret place'. And oh joy I say, I get happy just to sense their smell or looking at product they sell. I can't describe it properly, because I end up fan-girling over Lush.. so yeah, hahah.

    But back to the story, I went inside and met the most inspiring and friendly employee ever, she made my mood go from 'sad i want to stay in my bed all day' to 'oh what a lovely world, with lovely people with lovely pets with lovely-'.. and so on. My skin have cried it self to sleep , cause i have been out of facial scrub for a couple of months, so i have been using body scrub, and my face was just like "hell no" and gave me an huge outbreak with pimples/acne.. And then i talked to this employee and she told me that her skin was just like mine, and that she would recommend the Ocean salt for scrubbing, and Let the good times roll for cleansing afterwards, and as i fell in love with her tattoos, I paid and got samples on moisturiser.

    So then I went home, and had a good day, and now my room and face smells like I was born in that shop.. No complaints!

    Popcorn - lip scrub//Ocean salt - self-preserving//Let the good times roll - cleanser// 3 SAMPLES- vanishing cream(moisturiser), enzymion(moisturiser) & retread(conditioner)// Starry night - bath bomb(out of order)

    Q: I think this picture has an earth-ish/universe-ish look, or is that just in my head?



    #lush #lushnorway #bathbomb #conditioner #moisturiser #cleanser #popcorn

    Lancme with a hint of black

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  • (Pumped up kicks cover - No Frills Twins)

    So for a couple years ago I got a set of Lancme nail polish, dark red - peachy red and beige, from my aunt an uncle for christmas. And it have been a while since I have painted my nails, and I have grown them to an acceptable length(I do not like nail polish on short nails, at least not on my own, guess I'm special like that).

    I always start with one layer of IsaDora-nr 606 Second nail, let that dry and then I painted one layer with the Lancme Peachy-red colour, than another layer with the Lancme. And to get this kind of ombre red-to-dark I have no tips for you, because all I did was, to my surprize, just to wash my hair after i recently coloured the underlayer of my hair blue/lilac/magenta. That made an awesome effect, not just on my hair, but also on my nails.

    DSC_0456DSC_0457 (2)



    #lancome #nailpolish #ombre #music #longnails

    New blog and new-in

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  • So this time I'm really giving this blog thing a shot! I will be blogging more regularly, can't wait to start properly.

    My blog will basically be about fashion, my style and life. I do not have much to write about at the moment, because i'm in a bit hurry with searching jobs, working as a volunteer and balance friends and family, but I'm quite sure that it all will be great and work fine together.

    So then over to the new-in, and it is all from Etsy.com.

    First out i ordered a pair of large oversized Lennon style sunglasses, which I just love! The shipping across the world was pretty fast, since I live in Norway and these were sent from California. They got a gold/bronze fade lence and the framing is gold.

    And they are UV protectant.


    And with this pack i got a surprize from the seller, and it was a large tattoo choker set, with necklace and bracelet. Love it!


    >link to the shop<

    And I have been looking all over for the tattoo chokers, and I finally found an awesome choker set, which is a bit smaller than the ones over, but oh what a joy to receive this! I have literally been using it every day since I received them in the mail. This was sent from UK and I can not complain on the shipping of this product either.


    >link to the shop<

    All in all I paid 18 pounds for all this, included shipping! Which i think was a great price for it all..

    Q: Are you a fan of oversized sunglasses and tattoo chokers?



    #choker #etsy #sunglasses #fashion #newin

    Be an e-tailPR blogger